About the Product

Precious the Lamb, a battery powered plush animal, randomly delivers positive, comforting Biblical messages each time a paw is pressed, and uplifting songs with a press of the ears and tail. One model has a male voice, one has a female voice. A pink or blue ribbon designates the gender of the voice. Both Lambs look identical, have melodic voices, and recite the same scripts.

Although categorized as a toy, PERSONAL EXPERIENCE has proven Precious to be an effective cuddly comforter! Each of the 25 individual messages deliver peace and tranquility to the hearer. Facing a marital crisis, an ambulance taking away my husband during the pandemic causing isolation, stressing during a financial predicament, enduring family conflicts, experiencing painful health issues, I clutched Precious. Each message brings mental and spiritual tranquility, helping the listener physically cope instead of reacting to uncomfortable events. Precious brought me peace and serenity. It will do the same for you!

Precious the Lamb brought joy and comfort to a friend’s elderly mother in hospice, and calmness to a child experiencing a troubling panic attack. Unlike technical gadgets, this tranquil stuffed animal is perfect for children's bedtime. Everyone will enjoy the Lamb’s loving presence, regardless to age, sex, stage in life or circumstances.

About the Author

Shortly after my born-again experience thirty-six years ago, my friend Joan’s mother Mattie was dying at the hospital. When I arrived for a visit, I stopped by the gift shop, purchased a stuffed lamb, pressed the ear and it played ‘Jesus Loves Me’

Excited to have such a soft appropriate animal, I entered the room, hugged Joan and approached the bed. Ms. Mattie was grimacing and frowning, probably in pain. I placed the lamb on Ms. Mattie’s chest, pressed the ear, the song played and she smiled. She suddenly appeared so relaxed. I was blessed and impressed. After the visit, I returned to the gift shop and brought one for myself!

My husband had recently been transferred to Atlanta, GA, and I missed him. Upon calling, if he wasn’t in the apartment, I had trouble falling asleep. With the lamb on my pillow, I’d press the ear, ‘Jesus Loves Me’ would play. If still awake at the end of the song, I’d simply press the ear again and eventually go soundly to sleep!

After moving to Atlanta, I heard another stuffed animal speaking on TV and recognized the messages were New Age. The Spirit immediately gave me the vision of a lamb that speaks scripture. I envisioned this lamb in the arms of anyone who needed compassion, empathetic words, and truth spoken to them. The Holy Spirit provided the script and Precious the Lamb was birthed!

Eventually, Aurora Toys produced the first prototype. My son Charles ordered the sound files from China and programmed them with my Granddaughter Chanelle’s melodic voice reading the script. Wanting a male voice also, my musician “son” Darryl Peek blessed me with the most perfect comforting sound files. (Darryl Peek, CEO, In the MIX Radio Show)