Your gift will provide Precious Lambs as gifts for Nursing Homes and Senior Facilities to deliver comforting messages while they are undergoing a myriad of age-related issues.  Take my word. Recovering from Endometrial Cancer surgery, taking Chemo treatments, I KNOW from experience the comfort provided by the Lambs 25 statements. (The video is simply a sample of the statements delivered.)

Your donations will also allow the Precious Lambs to be donated to foster homes for children in Atlanta or the facility of your choice. The young people will be blessed with messages from the Word of God that they are not hearing from the adults who work at the facility.  The Lambs statements will invade and bless their spirits and souls at an early age, remain in their bio-computers forever, and inspire them to deliver those messages to others as they mature. 

Your donations will provide funds that will allow me bless others with the Word of God. Teaching the Bible to people of all ages is the love of my life!

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