Spiritual Biography for Edna B. Stigger

Natural Birth:   July 13, 1940 – Raised well by both parents, and lived the same ‘natural’, boringly interesting kind of life college educated folks who are Spiritually ignorant live, when they are just Christians. (For formal credentials, if interested, see the other bio. 🙂

Born Again!October 25, 1986, three weeks after learning some extremely unsettling, life-changing news.    Immediately entered the grief cycle.   Thanks to her submission to God, her Spiritual Husband, “…the LORD God of Hosts is His name”, she started a fascinating adventure of Spiritual growth that still resonates with blessings and excitement!  No longer self-centered, she is very ‘Paul‘-ine’ now.

Spiritual Gifts of Teaching, Wisdom & Knowledge revealed Summer, 1993 in a New Member’s Class. Asked, sought and knocked with a vengeance while eating Spiritual fruit; tasting and seeing that the LORD is good.  She was blessed because of trust in the LORD with all her heart!  The Holy Spirit helped her gain wisdom and understanding from her owner’s manual, the Holy Bible.   Now the test is her testimony; the mess, her message.  She felt a passion to tell others the good news about her deliverance from anger and un-forgiveness.   She studied with a vengeance and recorded her conversations with God in journals.  The Lord has made her path straight.

Self-Published three books:  God said “Write your vision and make it plain…”.  To affirmatively occupy her mind during many trials, and while studying to find the answers to questions that can only be found in the Bible, God gave what she needed as a ‘new’ Christian textbook, The Bible Explained in 2002, For Wives Only…or any woman who dares in 2004, Spiritual Journal, in 2006.

Passionately Taught at Fulton County as an Environmental Public Health Education Instructor for 26 years – for a living.  Upon retirement, Fulton County Board of Commissioners conferred a Proclamation naming January 8, 2018 “Edna Stigger Appreciation Day”.  She taught what the Holy Spirit supplied during the adventurous journey – for a loving, to “Comfort others with the comfort with which (she) has been comforted.” (2 Corinthians 1:4) She regularly teaches The Bible Explained and Bible History at Quality Living Senior Services Center, and middle grades Sunday School, New Member’s Spiritual Gifts and Back-to-Bible Basics at Cascade United Methodist Church.   To stay in ‘spiritual’ good shape she vigorously exercises her Spiritual Gifts.  She’s ‘spiritually’ fit!  Because she knows “…people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6), her goal is to stop the destruction by teaching the Word of God!  She prays this website will continue her legacy.

Mission Statement To teach those who have spiritual “…ears to hear”, how to “hide God’s Word in their heart so they will not sin against God”, and  “…to teach what is good, and so train the young woman to love to their husbands,…and submit, that the Word of God may not be blasphemed.         (Titus 2:4-5)   “My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  (Hosea 4:6)

Her Prayer is Psalm 71:18: “God, now that I am old and gray-headed, forsake me not until I have shown thy strength to this generation, and thy power to everyone that is to come.” (All of Psalm 71 is significant)

In ConclusionMarried to Charles Stigger for nearly 58 years, they are happier now than at any time in their married lives.  They have three children – Charles, Lisa and Cagney, two grandchildren – Scott and Chanelle.   Teaching the Word regularly, she finally got it right!  She’s “…Living her Life Like it’s Golden” and “Drinking from her Saucer ’cause her Cup Has Overflowed”!  As Charlie Wilson sings, she’s Blessed.

Educational and Professional Biography

Edna Stigger teaches The Bible Explained and Bible History at the Quality Living Services Senior Center (QLS), taught Life Skills Applications for Every Woman Works, and serves as a speaker/teacher at Christian Education forums. She teaches Back to Bible Basics, Spiritual Gifts, Vacation Bible School and Middle Grades Sunday School at Cascade United Methodist Church. She led the Women’s Bible Study at Carver Bible College while a student.

Mrs. Stigger graduated from The University of Louisville School of Medical Technology with a B.S., M.T., and was American Society of Clinical Pathology (A.S.C.P.) certified, specializing in Microbiology at Louisville Children’s Hospital. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.  She has completed courses at West Georgia State University in preparation for a master’s degree in Middle Grades Education. A former retail business owner and Atlanta Public School teacher (Crawford Long Middle School), she recently retired from Fulton County Department of Health as Public Health Education Instructor for the Environmental Health Services Division.  She was granted a Fulton County Board of Commissioners Proclamation upon retirement, Edna Stigger Appreciation Day.

Of the professions she has undertaken, she receives the most joy from writing and teaching the Word of God. She enjoys teaching young people The Bible Explained presentation within 30 minutes, for understanding placement of the books in the Bible, so they can find any book without looking in the index.  Upon finishing, she places the young people in competition to see who can find the book mentioned most efficiently and offers prizes to the winners. She also enjoys teaching Sex Education God’s Way…Abstinence, spiritual warfare and how to dress in the Whole Armor of God, Jesus Christ.

Her favorite warrior song, sung by Marilyn McCoo, states her love of being a “Warrior for the Lord.” As a teacher and writer, Edna Stigger allows her spiritual gifts to be shared with others, as all her writings are for education, edification and evangelization.


My Testimony

God FORMED man from the dust of the earth. (Genesis 2:7) Man sinned. (Genesis 3:6-7) God loved and knew me before He FORMED me in my mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:12-16) Although fearfully and wonderfully made, without being ’Spirit-ually’ INFORMED of The Way to The Truth (John 8:32), sin DEFORMED me, and I CONFORMED to the world’s ways. (Romans 12:2)    After being “knocked off my high horse” (…ouch, …Halleluiah,) by The Light, (Acts 9:3-4)  I gave up my right to control myself and submitted to my Husband,  the Lord of hosts is His name. (Isaiah 54:5)

I prayed and received salvation (Romans 10:9) and peace. (Philippians 4:7) The Word of Truth TRANSFORMED my mind and I am REFORMED by Grace, avoiding increased punishment. (Leviticus 26:23-24) I use my Spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12) with love (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) dressed in my UNIFORM, the Whole Armor of God,  and worship Him though Jesus Christ for His REFORMATION. 

Praise be to God, I am Blessed!


During periods of anointing, the Holy Spirit blessed me with prose and poetry composition which helped recognition of the Symbolism of Numbers after hearing an inspired sermon preached by my idol, Adrian Rogers.  After hearing The Alpha and the Omega by Mike Gendron on Focus on the Family, anytime I would start to worry or stress about anything, I would memorize a portion until I had committed the entire Divine alphabet to memory.  It was good to know A to Z exactly who He is, and who we are.  “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) It is all so true! It is impossible to memorize God’s Word and worry at the same time.  Your biocomputer won’t entertain both.

If the stress is financially related, to be able to leave an inheritance to your children, and your children’s children, (Proverbs 13:22), 2 Be Credit Smart will help.  If the stress is relationship related, David Jeremiah has a magnificent teaching guaranteed to deliver one from that syndrome.   Are relationship issues causing you stress?  Chip Ingram has a wonderful Love, Sex and Lasting Relationship series. Chuck Swindoll recently called Jonah The Racist Rebel. What a startling and accurate label from my Insight for Living teacher.  Charles Stanley and Michael Yousef have always been instrumental in my learning cycle.  After preaching, Dale Bronner has so many people at the alter there’s hardly any space remaining.  Want to know how to be a real man? Check out Tony Evans series.

When asked how I know what I know other than what has been given by the Holy Spirit, my response is easy.  Atlanta Faith Talk Radio stations 590AM and 970AM. Most cities have the Faith Talk Radio Station. Real Soul Food! The adventurous road has sometimes been rough, but the Bible is my steering wheel and God’s Powerful Spirit (…my GPS) has offered perfect guidance for Edna Stigger.


I am a “WARRIOR FOR THE LORD!”  My theme song, sung by Marilyn McCoo